Monday, November 03, 2008

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Ron Rophar
Countess, 2007

A new blog has surfaced in the blogosphere called
CoUNTess and it's one of the most interesting ones The Artswipe has seen this century thus far. Taking its lead from The Guerrilla Girls, CoUNTess gets busy with gender statistics to highlight how women continue to be marginalised in the big bad artworld. With only two posts published to date, CoUNTess is bursting with promise. Gender inequality does still exist so we must expose it and then fucking terrorise the oppressor - STICK IT TO THE MAN, LADIES! 

For instance, The Artswipe did a Google experiment to demonstrate patriarchy in action. Male = 449,000,000 hits. In contrast, Female = 393,000,000 hits. What a cruel world, where the Female is not more ubiquitous on the interweb. 

Better yet, when typing "countess" into Google Images, The Artswipe found a great artwork of a countess surrounded by her menagerie. What an inspired solution: when men no longer work out for you, get some pets. By "world renowned master artist" Ron Rophar, this painting is adorned with over 250 carats of genuine diamonds, "a first in the history of art" according to an online press release. Indeed the press release is right by proclaiming it is a "21st century masterpiece". Damien Hurst is such a copycat with his jewel encrusted skulls and shit. 

Now who said you can't dress up feminism with a little bling.


ElGuappa said...

Brilliant. I love this little piece. Thank you! Come down if you have a sec.


Skanky Jane said...

I think that there should be a "Mistress" of Visual Arts and I also have invented a new word: "Mistery" as the feminine version of "Mastery". xxSJ

Great picture! Jocelyn Wildenstein eat your heart out! xxSJ

Anonymous said...

I think all artists should make a likeness of the White Witch of Narnia just in case a billionare Russian art coleector turns up on their doorstep.

Or am I being rayshust?


Kate Smith said...

stick it to the ladies ladies also no?