Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best of Best of Best of 2007

The Artswipe
Clit Art, 2007
Courtesy the media

The Artswipe visited so many exhibitions this year, because, well basically it was the year where "drinking problem" became a well-worn phrase... and we all know the booze at art openings sometimes makes up for the art. A lot of great art was seen but basically The Artswipe is more interested in trash and tabloid. Here's a year best of list to end all lists:

1. Nikki Webster's Coming of Age
2. The ABC for a year-long dose of art, mini-golf and 'dicktation'
3. Tara Reid Rentals
4. Ricki Lake's Vagina
5. Renny Kodger's Penis
6. Dead Horses
7. Chrissie Amphlett on Idol - SMS and MS collide
8. The chick from Frente made a comeback
9. Ribena Scandal
10. Edmund Capon Fits in My Coat

The Artswipe
Who's got the Blu-Tak? 2007
Courtesy the Thievery Corporation


Anonymous said...

Ribena Scandal was pretty good come to think of it.

Happy festives.

Anonymous said...

Either the lighting at AGNSW is very unforgiving or our beloved Edmund has had an oatmeal and cottage cheese botox treatment. Thoses pale, dimpled cheeks looks like they belong on the business end of my late grandmother. At least Bert Newton's hair-piece has a new gig now Family Feud has been axed.

Anonymous said...

Who is Renny Kodgers anyway?