Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Thursday 21 June marks the first birthday of Artswipe. Such tender early years. To celebrate, Artswipe might eat some trifle, the kind grandma used to make. Grandma - the dear old cheese - would put some coins in the trifle sometimes; part of the fun was not knowing if you'd chip a tooth on a twenty cent coin. I miss grandma, I wish she'd been around long enough to share in my birthday milestone.

Apologies to all seven of my avid readers for being a slack bitch this month with the blogging. It's been a busy month running with the wolves, you know what I mean. The Artswipe was in a show this month at Commissioner Pilgrim, a new gallery at Arncliffe, at a street called Forest Rd. As an artist, I delight in such paradoxes - forests built on roads, that kind of thing. The lovely artist who works there Jemima Isbester asked Artswipe on MySpace to submit the I Can Eat Cake With Ellen image. Get down there and see it. I missed the opening because, well, Artswipe doesn't get out much these days. Since 9/11 it's been a hard slog. But slowly together, all of us, everyday, everywhere, are re-building community. And when you're having your first birthday at Blogger, that is enough of an incentive to outgrow the tallest buildings and the bitchiest art crowds.

In addition to my full belly of trifle and chipped tooth, I'm celebrating with a new image courtest of lovely Lucia, my second best friend at MySpace.


lucia said...

21 today .... and indeed every birthday!

God bless you Arty. Can you please get yourself cloned as soon as possible? That'd be a birthday present for all of us.

Hope your day is everything it should be.

Lucia x

ps. thanks for the thanks.

Jade said...


Plum Clafoutis said...

Many happy returns!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday artswipe
hip hip
and happy new year

from a dedicated fan devoted to moving up your emotional scale from annonymous to ??? look out for your birthday present shortly ;}

and keep up the amazing comentary on life, culture and art that you do

Skanky Jane said...

Happy Birthday Artswipe!

Oh! the memories... the tears, the laughs ...and the learnin'... it's been an unforgettable year. A kerb crawlin' ride of edification Artswipe style. Double servings of style that is and this Skanky Jane has sucked so much cream off yer cake she's rollin' in the fat - so thanks you Arty! Here's to The Artswipe keepin' on keepin on!

You the best! + LOVE Lucia's pic!

Skanky Birthday Smooches,
SJ xx

Ian Milliss said...

Happy Birthday!! We've enjoyed every moment of it, I hope you have too.

Skanky Jane said...

Jest fergot to say that (for once!) I got The Artswipe's secreted art reference - it's Alan Sonfist's Time Landscape (LOVE that work!)

SJ xx

LOVE that Birthday Beau too! And Congrats on the exhibition work Arty xx (Them Pilgrim's know what's what)

Skanky Jane said...


I hope the trifle you eat is me!

SJ xx