Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ace of Hearts

It has come to my attention that curator Anthony (Ace) Bourke, who has carved out a long and distinguished career working with contemporary indigenous artists like the late Michael Riley, Tracey Moffatt, Gordon Bennett, Brenda Croft, HJ Wedge, among others, and who has curated exhibitions at the Museum of Sydney, State Library of NSW and Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, was a "lion tamer" of sorts in a, let's say, past life of sorts.

Ace Bourke, Christian and John Rendall

Talk shows in the US and Australia have been a-buzz with a YouTube clip featuring a young Ace with his pet lion "Christian". The clip popular with YouTube fans shows Ace and friend John reuniting with Christian in 1969 after he'd been released back to the African jungle after spending some quality time in Swinging London. The clip has been watched over 4 million times, has Whitney Houston playing over the top for total camp value, and has even on-screen subtitles summarising the beautiful tale. Read more about how the clip became a YouTube sensation here.

Why aren't all curators this cool!


Anonymous said...

Too cute.



Ian Milliss said...

Hard to believe there are people who think cats aren't emotional (speaking as a nine cat person).
You might enjoy this great analysis of the connection between cats, technology and web activism

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting. I'm not sure if the web 2.0 metaphor makes things any clearer, but I need more food for thought like that. I often see really eye opening sites like that but they're kind of terrifying in terms of making you think hard about reality and it often ends up in me playing with my cat. I disagree with his hypothesis that activists will use the internet if it is working well. There are some pretty determined activists out there.


P.S. I tried MySpace briefly and everything the user does seems to go through an few middlemen.