Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Home Economics

Refreshed AGNSW Donation Box: 12:20pm

Already I feel a new acquisition coming on: 2:05pm

The Artswipe's last post lamented how hard it is to save up for a quality art collection (even one consisting of editioned multiples). Today I visited the Art Gallery of NSW and realised I had it all wrong. The key to saving for an artwork is in the kind of money box you use. No longer will I keep that little silver shoe pewter money box (a gift from Godmother Ella when I was still stewing in the womb) in the second drawer of my bedside table where it occasionally gets a deposit of spare change left over after buying my weekly smack supply. I am going to abandon the old shoe and install a perspex box just near the front door of my apartment. As you enter or leave - depending on whether you are coming or going in your tastes - feed that good old silver and gold to the new Artswipe Donation Box.

To nominate what you think The Artswipe's first donation funded acquisition should be, leave a comment and tell the world.


Anonymous said...

art should come in showbags

Anonymous said...

Artwsipe, you rock me. Don't buy art just steal from museums it is all the rage. I would steal the disabled hand rails from all museum toilets, weld them toegther and pretend I have a Sean Cordearo and Claire Healey if I was you.

Plum Clafoutis said...

Top of Oxford Street, near the mall there are some portraits in a barber shop window. Kow the ones I'm talking about? Hope so.

Skanky Jane said...

The Artswipe's Heartfelt
The Artswipe's Mobile Phone Series
Leigh Corrigan's Each Day the Colours Changed
Marie Littlewood's Hold onto the mast my friend, and the storm will end
A Sonic Yootha photoshoot
Amira H. performing in her wedding gown
Bridget Currie's New Vow of Poverty
Liam Benson's Beading Glitter
Polly Apfelbaum's Split
Elvis Richardson's Found Paints Lane
Han Bing's Cabbagewalk
Kim Dingle's Easter Violence
Sari Kivinen's Sibling Study Actions
Grice Grocer's I'm expressing myself...nyah
Joseph Beuys' Suit of Clothes
Tim Hilton's Exquisite Garden
Fiona Foley's White Trash
Kim Dingle's Easter Violence
Mark Siebert's Fan Letters
Drew Bickford's Penny Dreadful
Francis Alys' Fairy Tales
Denise Kum's Chromascope
Andrew Best's Paradise
Anastasia Zaravinos' Rumpelstiltskin
Jennifer Newton's There's not enough room in my house
Schappylle Scragg's wedding series
One of Starella's screams
A pair of Annie Sprinkle's undies
A George Tillianikis photo that I don't know the tile of right now (standing in a room, surrounded by mundane things, dressed in a basque and trousers)
Luis Martin's Orwell Street

Oops.. I got excited and forgot the point of this exercise, ...maybe you could close your eyes and point to one on the list? I was just getting started.


Anonymous said...

I like Prudencia Murphy's pube collection box. Pubes are better than money.

Skanky Jane said...
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Anonymous said...

I still like pubes