Friday, September 21, 2007

What is Artswipe?

It seems The Telegraph has found me out. After all this time of artworld anonymity, it has been revealed. The Artswipe is "cyber granny", not supernanny as some have conjectured. The Telegraph "outing" is timely, seeing it came just after Simpleposie from Toronto pondered in her "question for the day" a querie that most Sydney-siders stopped asking long ago, "What is Artswipe?" (scroll down to question #2156 - I thought I had lots of questions!)

Apparently it doesn't stop there. YouTube has found me out as well. Smile, smile, smile.

1 comment:

Skanky Jane said...

I told you to keep that paper bag ON Arty. No, seriously, it is great that people who are as old as you are can still find a reason to smile. Stories about people who have found their calling later on in life are so encouraging.

SJ xx