Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dry Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

The Artswipe
Dry Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, 2007
Another mobile phone moment

Welcome to the month of May, I have really nothing to say. So here's a picture I took yesterday in the toilets at work while drying my hands. It can be awkward enough finding yourself in the toilets with a colleague, making small talk and all. It can be harder to fathom when they come to work dressed as kangaroos and emus.

Mufti Days have never been my forte.


Skanky Jane said...

This is very funny - the kangaroo and the emu making small talk! I love your mobile phone pics - similar to web cam stills they have an aesthetic all thier own. (Actually it comforts me somewhat that you publish these - as I pass a critical eye over my own collection of "regular" digital photos - maybe the off focus and flash reflections are alright!) Yeah, Simrin Gill eat your heart out!

SJ xx
PS - I know what a Mufti is but what the heck is a Mufti day?

Skanky Jane said...

I love your mobile phone pics!

What is a Mufti day? I know what a Mufti is - but in the context of public loos...

Dirty Minded Skank xx

Artswipe said...

Mufti days happened at school. It was a special day when you could pay anywhere from 50c to a buck or two (usually for some fundraising drive) and in exchange you could wear non-uniform attire.

My first mufti day was in primary school and I actually misinterpreted the whole culture of mufti day for an excuse to come in fancy dress. Of course I came to school dressed in a hired Flinstones costume while everyone else had the usual Billabong board shorts and Hypercolour t-shirts.

A major scarred for life moment.

Skanky Jane said...


Thanks for the explanation Arty, my education continues...

oh btw - I've just discovered a new word - "lumpenproletariat" - isn't that just heaven?! Next mufti day I know what I'm going as!

SJ xx

Anonymous said...

I have been researching the etemology of the word 'mufti' and there are a number of explanantions for it's origin. One suggests that the event dates back to wartime, with General Mufti allowing British Army troops to wear civilian clothes at certain times of year to help boost sagging morale. This trivia was (of course) found alongside a number of suspiciously arcane indications of the meaning of 'mufti'.
All I remember of my mufti days was too many knickerbockers revealing scabbed knees, cable-knit jumpers and a cake stall at recess if you were lucky.

pencil_case_space said...

artswipe, when will you have an exhibition?