Monday, March 26, 2007

Inventing the Wheel

The Artswipe
Church of the Poison Mind, 2007
Mobile phone snap

So the NSW State election is over. Yes, I resisted casting a vote for the Australians Against Further Immigration party. I just can't get behind that. You see, I was handed the 'How to Vote' form and I couldn't get past the letters AAFI. Wondering if this party might not prefer starting a global rumour that Australians Are Fucking Idiots, I decided I'd rather die with shit in my mouth than vote for a party that doesn't understand how the colour wheel of life is, well, the best kind of wheel. (Wagon Wheels are good too).

After seeing this poster on a church-like building near where I voted, I started thinking more about colour - both in racial and aesthetic terms - and decided I would start my own Artswipe campaign to make immigration more important than ever before, if only to annoy the white type of Aussie Christians who take it upon themselves to create hybrid faiths that link cultural intolerance with religion and bad banner making. Then again, I haven't seen a pink church before. (Actually I'm not even sure if it is a church). Being that pink is so charged in meaning for chicks, fags and the occasional metrosexual, maybe we can give this little church - or whatever it is - the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps we should all inject cultural difference with a fresh coat of pink paint. Maybe this was not, after all, a church of the poison mind. And maybe, just maybe, it was not populated with a true blue crew of white washed rednecks adorned in green and gold.


Skanky Jane said...

Sign me up Arty!

I know I go on and on like a tacky vacuous blonde 'bout the Prof...and you...but..after reading your most wonderful post I just have to tell my most new found Amazing Fact ...which is: The majority of dark skinned people are white! (caucasian)

To hell with it though - I'm painting myself pink and voting for The Artswipe.


Skanky Jane said...

I'll never forget getting on the tram and hearing the 'white' (to all appearances at least) female ticket seller opinionating loudly about people who need to stay in Australia. "It's their choice to put themselves and their children on a leaky boat" she said.

I don't know what you do with that.

Andrew Gerrand said...

How about "Australia: Love It or Try To Instigate Social Change By Subversive Means" ?

mayhem said...

Way to go artswipe! - I reckon that pink redneck church is the perfect site for Schappylle and Darryll's nuptials......

do you know about CACA? concerned alert citizens australia?
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every day life exceeds parody

Gerry Golthobshimikker said...

Nationalistic cultural malaise - I blame on Picnic at Hanging Rock never getting a bad review ever, ever...gotta blame someone.